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Team ROMEO (Formerly Weekday Riders)

Team Romeo started as an off-shoot of The Akron Bicycle Club.  (Visit ABC's web site.)

Every summer some of us would get together and ride one or two weeks on a long distance tour of our own.

We have visited most of the states of the United States and up into Canada. (See a list of our tours of old.)

Team ROMEO now consists of a group of seasoned riders that ride together all over, not just to lunch on Tuesdays.  Check out the TOURS in menu to see where we have been.

Club Jersey was designed by Barb Schlueter, Tom's wife.

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All weekday rides except lunch rides start at Botzum Trail Head.  MAP

MONDAY: Some of our group start at Botzum Trail Head at 12:30.  They ride to the Barlow Trail Head arriving around 1:30.  Some of the group start, or arrive at Barlow. This is our weekly ride to Brugger's Bagel Bakery.  Bruegger's Bagel Bakery is located at the corner of Fishcreek Road and Ohio Rte. 91 and return.  MAP

TUESDAY: The weekly lunch ride information sent over the internet to  members.  Usually rides start at 10AM from many different locations.   {Rain Date is Thursday}

WEDNESDAY:  Ride starts at Botzum at 12:30    Round trip to Macedonia, Sagamore Hills, Hudson, Wadsworth, Norton, or elsewhere from the Botzum trail head and return by different route.   Group chooses destination.  Rides do not go thru Barlow Trail Head.        MAP

THURSDAY: Ride Thru Barlow Trail Head about 1:30 at Trail Head, ride starts at Botzum at 12:30.  Group chooses destination.

FRIDAY: Ride starts at Botzum at 12:30 ride, mostly in the valley, finishing at Szalay's for ice cream or drinks. Routes will be decided as we go. We'll probably get to Szalay's between 2:30 and 3. 

Saturday   We come from four directions by truck, bicycle, auto, and foot to "On TAP"on the Stow Kent border, just West of Fishcreek 4390 RT 59.    All are welcome, many bring there spouse or friend.  Arrival time is (9:15-9:30AM, with departure at 10:30AM.  Our group has been comming to Ken for breakfast since the 1980's.   MAP


SUNDAY: No scheduled rides---

Most rides from Botzum start at 12:30PM

The Botzum Trail head is 0.3 miles south of the intersection of Riverview Road and Bath Road in the CVNP. Usually these rides are 30-35 miles in length, but there are always exceptions. The trail head is expansive, there is plenty of parking, I have never seen this lot full.   MAP